Kraems & Co
I’m Marcel Kramer,  alias kraems a crazy Swiss guy who likes to travel, does a lot of photographic stuff, fills his stomach with Italian, Greek, hot Mexican and now also with Russian food, doesn't say no to good red wine, 100 граммов водки and other bad things ....
And moste important is, I am married to the best wife and we have a lovely son
I did not update my Web Page for a
longer time. In the meantime I fall in love
again and the result you can see on top of
the page.
I decided to start the page with a
different Web program from scratch mainly
because of the old program crashed all my
sites after an update.
Some of the old pages will come back
again in a different look, but it will take up
As it is it’s no fancy page. I only like to
tell you what I and my family do and I put
some pics in.  Some funny ones too. Don’t kill
me, if you see yourself in the pics and you
look ugly. I only push the button of the
camera, nothing else! You pulled faces, you
were eating to many Burgers and got fat,
you gulped down to much booze, you cuddled
up someone, you showed your bottom.....

!!! So cheer up and laugh!!!
Pictures are for private use only! Otherwise contact me!
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Letzte Neuigkeiten
es gibt bald mehr!
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The two world-travellers - on the road or sometimes not!
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